Joining the CIArb

Why Join the CIArb?

With 15,000 members in over 120 countries, CIArb is the professional home of dispute resolvers worldwide.

How to join us

Membership information is available through the website of the Institute’s headquarters in London.

Am I Located within the New York Branch region?

Anyone listing an address with the institute within the states of NY, NJ or CT is automatically a member of the NY Branch. Regardless, all Institute members are welcome at our events.

Not in NJ, NY or CT but wish to join the NY Branch?

Existing CIArb members may affiliate with the New York Branch in one of two ways. First, they may remain full membership in their current branch and in addition affiliate with the New York Branch as a non-voting member. To do so, please send a letter to the NY Branch chair requesting affiliation. We will take care of the details and complete the process. Alternatively, existing members may become a full member of the New York branch by relinquishing their current branch membership and transferring to the NY Branch. This also begins with the member writing to the branch chair to seek the transfer; however, it must be approved by the Institute’s headquarters in London. Prospective members outside of NY-NJ-CT wishing to become members of the New York Branch can instruct London at the time of making application that he or she wishes to be affiliated with the New York Branch.

Membership Grades

The CIArb offers the world’s only objectively assessed system of credentialing those involved with or practicing in the ADR field. The Institute has three member grades: Associate, Member and Fellow. In addition, Fellows with extensive experience serving as an arbitrator may apply to receive the Chartered Arbitrators designation (C Arb), the gold standard in the field for experience, training and professional responsibility.

Please click here to further review the member grades and their requirements.

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