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The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is a learned society and charity, headquartered in London, which provides worldwide scholarship and professional development for all areas of alternative dispute resolution. It is also the only accrediting body for arbitrators that confers credentials that are widely recognized and respected around the world.

The Chartered Institute’s New York Branch represents the Institute in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Membership in the Branch is automatic for all members of the Institute in the region and available on request to Institute members outside the region. Anyone interested in alternative dispute resolution can become a member of the Chartered Institute by fulfilling the requirements for the desired level of membership for which they are qualified (Membership information including an on-line application is available by clicking here.)

The Branch regularly collaborates with arbitral and professional organizations worldwide and local academic institutions to bring our members informative and timely professional programs, speakers, conferences and courses that advance the use and practice of ADR and enhance the abilities and opportunities of our members. The Branch also offers regular social gatherings at which members can meet new colleagues and renew existing friendships both within the Branch and with others in the ADR community.

A Message from the Branch Chair

Richard L. Mattiaccio, F.CIArb, C. Arb.

Updated March 29, 2020

COVID-19 Is changing the way we all work in 2020.  We carry on at the CIArb NY Branch to the best of our ability and with due regard for the health and safety of our members, our colleagues in the broader community, and our guests. With these priorities in mind, this month the Branch suspended in-person programming and held its first online program for members and guests. More generally, the Chartered Institute is hard at work in London developing online learning options for its training programs.

The CIArb NY Branch was formed six years ago to serve members of the Chartered Institute based in the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Branch’s goals are to promote understanding and the practice of arbitration and ADR in the Branch’s three-state territory. The Branch has been a contributor to the arbitration community from the outset.  Our course offerings, programs and social events are reflected in the Past Professional Programs and Social Events pages of the Branch’s website, www.ciarbny.org.

We have experienced a threefold increase in Institute membership in the Branch’s territory since the Branch was formed. The Institute has designated Columbia Law School Professor George A. Bermann as the NY Branch’s Patron. Thomas D. Halket, a founder and past chair of the Branch, served in calendar year 2019 as the Institute’s first-ever President elected from the United States.

The Branch’s programs and events have ranged from roundtable presentations on practical topics for Branch members and guests (for example, Cybersecurity How-To for Arbitrators, and Damages, and Interest Awards in Arbitration) to the Branch’s annual 5-day Columbia – CIArb Comprehensive Course on International Arbitration followed by the 2.5 day Accelerated Route to Fellowship (ARF), offered in tandem at the end of each spring semester since 2015. To help promote diversity in international arbitration, in 2019 the Branch awarded full scholarships for the Comprehensive Course to three AAA Higginbotham Fellows and introduced a Comprehensive Course discount for ArbitralWomen members.

The Branch conducts a Student Article Competition open to full-time students at law schools located in the Branch’s three-state territory. Prizes are awarded for articles deemed by the Competition judges to be of publishable quality. In 2019, the judges (Paul Friedland, Jean Kalicki and Nancy Thevenin) awarded two prizes ($5,000 and $3,000); both prize-winning articles were published in the Institute’s Journal. In 2020, the judges (Mark Goldstein, Jennifer Kirby, and Daniel Schimmel) awarded one prize. The winner of the 2020 Prize (a $5,000 cash prize plus consideration for publication in The Journal), is Lim Siyang Lucas, an NYU law student, for the article, Rules of Procedure and the Blurred Lines of the 1958 New York Convention.

The NY Branch’s Spring Luncheon Program for members and guests took place online (lunch not provided) on March 25, 2020, the date originally scheduled for an in-person luncheon.  Jose Sanchez, FCIArb introduced his article, Applying the Model Law’s Standard for Interim Measures in International Arbitration, published in the Journal of International Arbitration in February 2020. The program attracted over forty online participants. Jose’s dynamic presentation, including the arbitrator “cheat sheet” he distributed during the program to lucky participants, prompted lively discussion. The program demonstrated that an online format can work for members, so we are in the process of considering new topics for this format.

COVID-19 left us no choice but to postpone the Branch’s sixth annual Columbia – CIArb Comprehensive Course on International Arbitration followed by the Accelerated Route to Fellowship, originally scheduled for June 2020.  Our course directors, faculty members and institutional, academic and law firm sponsors have been supportive of the decision to postpone and have expressed their continuing commitment to the Branch’s two signature courses, now planned for June 2021. We are closely monitoring the online learning options being developed by the Institute as we look for opportunities to offer an additional ARF in advance of June 2021.

The NY Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) is conducted each year in September.  Our next AGM is scheduled for September 29, 2020.  Branch members of all categories should receive an e-mail notice of meeting from the Branch Secretary, Michael Lampert, 90 days in advance of the AGM. The Branch Secretary relies on the Institute’s list of NY Branch members in good standing to send out the meeting notice.  So, every member should visit the Institute’s main website, www.ciarb.org, with membership number in hand, to update their member profile (be sure to include a current working e-mail address that you check on a regular basis, please!) and to keep dues current so that we can have full participation at the AGM.  Members who are having any difficulty with the Institute’s website may write to memberservices@ciarb.org.  Everyone at the Institute Is working remotely in these challenging times, so please allow substantial lead time.

Mark your calendars for New York Arbitration Week on November 16-20, 2020. You can stay abreast of developments as they unfold at www.ciarbny.org or at  www.nyiac.org or at https://nyarbitrationweek.com/ where you now can review the 2019 Week Archive including detailed 2019 program agendas, a New York Law Journal article on the NY Branch’s Restatement program, and a photo gallery.

Everyone please stay safe, be well, and stay connected with the Institute and your NY Branch.

Richard L. Mattiaccio, FCIArb, C Arb


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