Student Article Competition

March 28, 2019

The CIArb NY Branch is pleased to announce that Fabio Nunez del Prado and April Lacson are the first and second place prize winners, respectively, of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators New York Branch 2018/19 International Arbitration Student Article Competition. 

This marks the first time that the CIArb NY Branch has held a student writing competition with the goal of establishing it as an annual Spring semester event open to full-time students at law schools located in the CIArb NY Branch territory consisting of the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

The winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of Paul D. Friedland of White & Case LLP, Jean E. Kalicki of Kalicki Arbitration, and Nancy M. Thevenin of Thevenin Arbitration & ADR, each of whom is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute and a member of the CIArb NY Branch.

First place, which includes a cash prize of $5000, is being awarded to Mr. Nunez del Prado, an LLM student at Yale University (Class of 2019), for his article, “Hatches and Tantrums: The Behavioral and Political Foundation of Setting Aside in International Arbitration.”  The judges found that Mr. Nunez del Prado’s article offers an “original, fun, and daring cross-disciplinary approach” to addressing the “paradox” of award set asides, and commend his piece as a “terrific essay starting with its title and extending to its tone and substance.” 

Institute President Halket presents NY Branch 2019 Student Article First Prize to Fabio Nunez del Prado Chavez (Yale LLM 2019): Competition Co-Chairs Stephanie Cohen and Richard Mattiaccio look on.

Second place, which includes a cash prize of $3000, is being awarded to Ms. April Lacson, an LLM Student at New York University School of Law (Class of 2019), for her article, “Final and Binding: Towards a Transnational Theory of Issue Preclusion for International Arbitral Awards.”  According to the judges, Ms. Lacson submitted a “well-researched essay” which “courageously propos[ed] the creation of transnational autonomous rules for issue preclusion of international awards.”

Institute President Halket presents Student Article Second Prize to April Lacson (NYU); Competition co-chairs Cohen and Mattiaccio applaud

The winning articles will be considered for inclusion in a forthcoming Chartered Institute publication.

The CIArb NY Branch thanks all students who submitted articles and the competition judges for the generous contribution of their valuable time.

Richard L. Mattiaccio, FCIArb C Arb, NY Branch Chair
Stephanie Cohen, FCIArb, NY Branch Vice Chair
The Competition Committee




The 2018/19 Chartered Institute of Arbitrators New York Branch Writing Competition (“Competition”) is a scholarly writing competition open to students engaged in the full-time study of law within the territory of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators New York Branch (“CIArb NY Branch”), as described below. Participation consists of the submission, in accordance with these Rules, of a scholarly article equivalent in scope and quality to a law review student note on a topic of the student’s choice directly related to international commercial or investor/state arbitration. There will be no financial charge to participate in the competition.


The Competition is open only to JD, LLM and JSD students who are enrolled full-time for the 2018/19 academic year at any ABA-accredited law school located in the CIArb NY Branch’s territory (i.e., anywhere in the States of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut). Participants must represent that they meet the foregoing qualification at the time of submission of the article. Participants may submit only one article and may compete in only one Competition.


All participants must comply with all Competition rules and deadlines. If any Application is submitted in an incomplete or untimely manner, the submission will not be accepted for consideration in the Competition.

To be eligible for submission to the Competition, an article must:

  • Be the completely independent work of the participant and be original;
  • Identify the author only on a cover page with no information other than the name and contact information of the author;
  • Be on a topic materially related to international commercial or investment arbitration;
  • Be in 14-point Times New Roman (TMR), double-spaced for main text and 12-point TMR, single-spaced for footnotes;
  • Have sequentially numbered footnotes, and no end notes; 
  • Be submitted both as a PDF and in MS Word;
  • Be not less than 3,000 words nor longer than 6,000 words, including all footnotes;
  • Submit all citations in compliance with Blue Book form;
  • Be submitted, uploaded with a completed registration form found only on the CIArb NY Branch website (the “Website”), and be received in that manner no later than 11:59 p.m. on February 4, 2019;
  • Be and remain unpublished and unsubmitted for publication as of September 30, 2019, unless released for publication sooner by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (“Chartered Institute” or “Institute”);
  • Be available for publication by the Chartered Institute as set forth below.


The results of the Competition will be announced in April 2019. Awards will only be made for articles that are judged to be of publishable quality. If a sufficient number of publishable articles are deemed by the judges to have been submitted, awards will be made for the top three articles, as follows:

  • First prize:       $5,000
  • Second prize:    $3,000 
  • Third prize:      $2,000

As a condition of receiving any award, each award recipient must: (a) agree that the Chartered Institute shall have the option, but not the obligation, to publish their article, subject to any publisher’s edits; (b) submit the article to the Chartered Institute, pursuant to the Institute’s instructions, for publication in a Chartered Institute publication of the Institute’s choice; and (c) be solely responsible for all taxes applicable to such award.

At the time of submission, the article must be unpublished and unsubmitted for publication in any other publication. Any publication permitted by the Chartered Institute or following the period in which Chartered Institute permission is required shall include an appropriate legend pre-approved by the Chartered Institute or by the CIArb NY Branch, stating the relationship between the article and the Competition.


The Competition will be administered by a Competition Organizing Committee (the “Committee”) consisting of CIArb NY Branch members. The Committee will appoint a panel of CIArb members to serve as judges for the Competition. The scoring of the judges will be final subject only to verification by the Committee of the judges’ compliance with the Rules. The Committee will have discretion to replace any judge who, in the Committee’s judgment, for scheduling or other reasons, is unable to perform his/her duties in a timely manner.

The Committee, at its discretion, may revise these Rules and publish such revised Rules on the Website. Decisions made by the Committee shall be final, binding and non-appealable.

The CIArb NY Branch, at its discretion, may publish on the Website the titles of the winning articles, the names and law school affiliations of the authors, and the prizes awarded.

In the event of any discrepancy between these Rules and any other communication, including the announcement of the Competition dated August 3, 2018, these Rules shall govern.

Date: September 25, 2018

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