Accelerated Route to Fellowship

Accelerated Route to Fellowship (International Arbitration) Assessment

Presented and Organized by: The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators’ Canada, New York and North America Branches

Venue: Remote Video Conference hosted by Arbitration Place Virtual, Toronto

The Accelerated Route to Fellowship program is designed for senior practitioners in the field of dispute resolution. It is a qualification program; not a fundamentals training program. Successful completion of the program permits participants to apply to become Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the highest grade of CIArb membership which allows the use of the designation FCIArb. The program focuses on applicable laws and procedures for the conduct of efficient arbitration hearings in complex international cases. The program is comprised of three elements:

1. Oral Assessment This element of the Accelerated Route to Fellowship Programme consists of two days of
workshops (4 days if the program is via remote video conference) based on a case study of a dispute. Each participant is assessed on his/her knowledge, judgment and self-presentation during the discussion of a series of problems arising during a mock complex international arbitration and role-play simulations.

2. Written Assessment
Written assignments will be part of the assessment process during the workshop portion
of the program. One of the written assignments will be prepared in advance of the workshops and will be collected early on the first day of the workshops.

3. Award Writing Examination
This element consists of a written, open-book examination in which an award must be written and fully reasoned based on the evidence in an arbitration proceeding. The exam is administered as part of this program. To receive a passing grade, the award must meet international standards for enforcement. The exam administration and assessment fee is included in the tuition fee for the program.

Following successful completion of the three elements described above, candidates may schedule a Peer Interview. There will be a separate charge for the Peer Interview: it is not included in the tuition fee of this program.

Who Should Attend? You are a practicing lawyer with at least 10 years of litigation and/or dispute resolution experience. For further information regarding one’s qualification to participate in the program, please contact Jim Reiman, Program Director (

Assessment. Continual assessment throughout the workshop portion of the program, written submittals, and award writing exam.

Assessment Result. Successfully passing the oral and written assessments during the workshop portion of the program allows the candidate to take the Award Writing Examination. Successful completion of the Award Writing Examination and (separate) Peer Review Interview allows the candidate to apply for Fellow status (for full details of route to Fellowship, please visit the CIArb website Candidates may apply for Associate CIArb membership with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators at any time

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